4 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart for Sale

The MotoEV Electro Neighborhood Buddy 4 Passenger (Forward Facing) Street Legal Golf Cart has all the standard features required to certify the device as legal on the road and thus ride on roads marked with 35 MPH or less! Our vehicles can travel at the forefront of the industry 50 miles per charge! It costs about a penny per kilometer traveled if you charge your vehicle overnight when electric power is cheapest! Our built-in on-board chargers not only keep our batteries ready to use, but also include a microprocessor so they are never overcharged. Once a full charge is detected, they simply turn off! You can “charge” your vehicle at any time during a break, during shopping or simply at lunch, as your charger is included directly on the vehicle. Our low-speed vehicles are perfect for free shuttles, security patrol vehicles, parks as well as recreational vehicles. They are perfect for any commercial or residential application that requires the use of a vehicle at speeds of 25 miles per hour or less. Your turn of the block has just received a major upgrade. The Onward 4 Passenger continues Club Car`s reputation for quality by prioritizing safety, comfort and satisfaction to make your daily life easier and more fun. With dozens of options for stylish and convenient customizations, the Onward is the personal golf cart you`ve dreamed of. The four-passenger Onward is also available in a premium model, with flares and a brush guard that sets it apart from any vehicle in the neighborhood. This limited warranty covers conversions into new vehicles and equipment provided by Moto Electric Vehicles (“the Company”) in or on a shuttle or passenger car. The manufacturer`s warranties are covered by the manufacture of the component, not by Moto Electric Vehicles. Our sales representative can provide you with a shipping quote and arrange all your shipping needs in minutes to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. Exclusive Club Car tires are made with premium compounds to improve durability and tread life while allowing for a smooth and comfortable ride. Our unheated gasoline or electric golf cart allows you to drive through your neighborhood in style.

Driving in water deep enough to damage the electrical system. Any defects in similar options or items (e.g., Radio or video equipment, heating and air, etc.) covered by the respective device manufacturer`s warranty. All repairs that result in the loss of sales of the customer. Any costs or charges associated with the transportation or shipment of a vehicle or part to or from the authorized entity. Damage to items caused by improper use or operation, unauthorized repairs or modifications, attempts to use the equipment beyond its rated capacities, or damage caused by a lack of proper and reasonable maintenance. All material provided by the buyer (for installation by the company). Any errors related to vehicle modification or installation of accessories that have not been authorized by SRM. Normal wear and tear of all batteries, tires, belts, bulbs, etc.

Corrosion of battery terminals. Our Neighborhood Buddy Street legal golf carts are equipped with an upgraded 4 kW (5.5 hp) engine, but several other engine options are available. Eagle brand chargers are covered for a period of three (3) years. Curtis Instruments brand controllers are covered for a period of two (2) years. Lead-acid batteries are | for a period of eighteen (18) months Covered lithium batteries are covered for a period of four (4) years. Can accommodate four people to enjoy the ride. The rear seat also folds down to provide a sturdy bed texture and space to move your favorite gear. Developed products that work hard to improve daily life. One of the most important services we offer here at Moto Electric Vehicles And More is door-to-door shipping of your new car purchase. Our organization has many years of successful experience in obtaining world-class transportation solutions at affordable prices.

We are proud that your new vehicle arrives in showroom condition. Whenever possible, we maintain a fleet of fully enclosed trailers to protect your new purchase from road hazards it may encounter during the transportation process. Full warranty information for these three manufacturers is available upon request. During the first 12 months, all spare parts are provided free of charge, “unless the manufacturer`s warranty replaces them”, in which case this period becomes the warranty period (copy of the manufacturer`s warranty available upon request). The company guarantees the frame and all structural welds of the vehicle for a period of two years.

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